Bunny came to the hospital♪

Thank you for your long trip(*^-^*)

Let’s start with the inspection right away!

We took a picture of Bunny before the Inspection♪

This is Bunny’s body measurement.
Bunny’s total height + width + length was 107cm and Bunny’s weight was 743g.

We removed the neck ribbon and will reattach it at the end.

We will replace Bunny’s stuffing.

We will brush Bunny and reattach the threads on Bunny’s limbs.

Let’s take a bath (^^) ♪

Looks very comfortable(*´▽`*)

Bunny finished Bunny’s bath and felt refreshed♪

We replaced Bunny’s stuffing and reattached the ribbon.


We reattached the threads on Bunny’s limbs and brushed Bunny.
Bunny is completely cured today!

Bunny is having a good time with everyone in the waiting room(*´▽`*)
Bunny is so cute♡

Please check the photos above.
If there are no problems, Bunny will be discharged from our clinic♪

We look forward to hearing from you(*^-^*)
Thank you.

Thank you for coming to pick up Bunny today♪

We are very happy to have you happy!
Please take good care of  Bunny (*’ω’*)

We sincerely thank you for using Morinomiyako Natsumi Clinic.


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